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[May. 29th, 2003|09:59 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |apoptygma berzerk]

so this journal is going to have the same layout and everything as my other one, i don't think i have the capabilities to keep two seperate design's going at once.

i dreamt i was doing something for heather last night, not sure what. johanne and myself went into sam goody and heather still worked there. she gave us a bottle of high priced perfume called "go away" (i believe) and we went to my old school in valley view where we ended up near the cafeteria. there johanne said her and her friends had been riding bikes. there were other kids there, too, with their bikes and this big wooden platform thing. we walked down to the football field, which in valley view is right next to the caf. there people were reeling in sea lions with fishing poles. i traded the perfume for a gold fish there (ya know, one that you see in fountains where asian people congregate). we somehow ended up by a pool and the fish jumped out of my hands into it. i ended up riding someone's bike, i think to earn the fish or something, i was pretty good. so we went back to sam goody to see how much money i'd have to get back for the perfume and we all sat at a picnic table in there. heather, matt and some girl came up. the girl asked me if i was one of those jail boy's. i'm not sure what she was referring too, i think someone that's always in and out of jail. i angered her with my response, i forget what it was exactly that i said. so casey huff and i ended up walking around the store.
strangely, i can tie it all in with things that have happened in the last few days.

"all i can do
to keep from breaking
is hold onto you, so
forgive me
if my grip is too tight
forgive me
if i don't let go throughout the night"

you know, all hit songs are basically just one catchy line with mediocre everything else to support it. i'm trying to think of that one line.