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the summer of love the time together under the stars beneath the… - randall [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 5th, 2003|05:10 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |dredg]

the summer of love
the time together
under the stars
beneath the gazeebo
amongst ourselves
among others
despite tendencies
to fond of other lovers

the fall of angst
some time apart
under seperate roofs
walking different paths
amongst others
never ourselves
despite tendencies
to be thinking of one another

the winter of reconcile
only want to be with you
in the same place
on the same track
amongst myself
along with you
not brought on by you or i
despite tendencies
to think other wise

the spring of the fall
everything to be gone from you
greenwhich and bejing
across the world
amongst strangers
among true lovers
along with them
i'll get over you
despite tendencies
to think other wise

all this joy has been brought to me
by nothing you've ever done
save one

the happiest moments in my life
were when i wasn't with you
it's done

and now alone again
it is something that i know well
a song sung

about my life without you
it's not really worth mentioning
i was flung

aside and even with all that happened
i still miss you like i miss
you brung

a light into my life

i had this dream last night, that i was back in gainesville, driving up to the super wal-mart. in another car was "big scott" this huge guy, four to five hundred pounds, that walks around the mall and is slightly mentally retarded (or so it seems) and he'll talk to you for hours if you don't escape. but he followed me and after i got out of my car he wrapped himself around my head, with his weight i feel backwards. people and television station's started to gather around. i managed to pull myelf up, almost all the way, only to fall down yet again. he was like a numbing agent around my head, i couldn't feel anything, so it didn't hurt to fall. i finally got him off by saying something with the word "derrogatory" in it. he got mad and walked off saying "use derrogatory against me" and i yelled at him "i thought you that word!"